We are a representative of Firearms Legal Protection, LLC (FLP).  FLP provides a legal defense membership services program that can protect you from the potential financial burden and even bankruptcy involved with the legal defense of the use of your firearm.

You need legal protection before you ever need to use your firearm

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After You Shoot

firearms legal protection (FLP)

FLP is a privately-owned company based in Dallas Texas that is dedicated to protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of all citizens……

and providing legal services to their members who are in lawful possession of, or lawfully use their firearm or other legal weapons.

FLP provides members with legal defense coverage in both criminal & civil cases.

FLP members enjoy:
  • 24/7 emergency number answered by an attorney
  • Local attorney available at your location in the event of a firearm incident
  • Attorneys who are paid directly by FLP with No Cap
  • A nationwide network of over 1,200 attorneys
  • Seasoned litigators with experience in firearms law
  • Coverage for all legal use of legal weapons
  • Free training videos on shooting, tactics, legal updates and more